The Pause Button: Japan Day 1, A Blessed Perspective

Thank you to everyone that prayed for me and my family as we traveled to Japan and were blessed to experience things that many never get a chance to. I wanted for the next few days to share with you some of the other side of the world through both my eyes and my camera lens.

On one of my first walks with Christina down the street of where we were staying we came across a small park where we saw a couple sitting. We paused for a moment to see them interacting with each other, possibly sharing coffee and it struck me as such a wonderful and peaceful scene. It was almost of if time just sort of stood still for a few minutes and it was just the two of them: enjoying the time that they had for that moment.

Across from them at the same time was a nurse walking an elderly gentlemen down a path covered with leaves, possibly doing his rehab. He would stop for a moment, then she would encourage him to continue on. Even though he was limping, both seem to enjoy the sunshine and the walk on such a beautiful day.

While all this was happening, Christina pointed to a butterfly that had just landed on the bushes next to where we were and I was able to nail a pretty decent shot as it landed for just a few seconds before it flew away to another adventure.

People always say its the simple things in life that you treasure, rarely do we realize just how blessed we are to experience a few moments in life. On a normal day I would have walked by each of these moments and not given them a second thought, but I paused and saw a story unfold 3 times that warmed my heart and made me appreciate the ability to be there.

When was the last time that you hit the pause button on life? Just because? Just to watch the story unfold?

I will always look at these pictures to remind me that if you push the pause button just for a moment, you just might witness something in life that warms your heart, clears your mind, and gives you hope and energy to keep going. You don’t have to hit the stop button or even the reset button.

Just press the pause button once in a while.