I woke up this morning to see on my memories this picture. 4 years ago today. I remember how much I went back and forth about buying this camera. It was too much money. We can’t afford it.
This camera is for real professionals. You aren’t one.
I remember my beautiful wife Christina told me to go for it for 2 reasons.
1. Because she always believed in me.
2. She was tired of hearing me go back and forth with it 🙂
I remember the blizzard of 2016 where I broke it in. I remember Jared Kay sending me on my first engagement assignment of Max Patch. I remember shooting my first ever sunrise, which is now hanging in Mission Hospital.
I remember the doubt. I remember the missed opportunities. I remember the uncertainty. I remember the tears and anger at myself….
And then I remember how God has kept me. And led me. And taught me. And encouraged me. And sustained me and my family.
I remember all of the pictures that i took. That I shared. Families. Head shots. Businesses. Special events.
All the things that I shot with this camera. All the joy I had every time I used it. The excitement. The rush. The pride.
It was a stepping stone to greater things.
I recently sold this camera, and told the new owner, who wanted to upgrade so she could take better pictures of her family, to please send me the first image that she took. I know it may sound weird in this day and age, but I could hear the excitement in her voice. She was starting a new chapter. It was her new stepping stone. And I wanted to share in her journey.
Thank you so much to EVERYONE that has supported me. If you have ever purchased a print, calendar, or liked an image, shared one, hired me, prayed for me and my family, encouraged me, corrected me in love, thank you. May God bless you all.
I know there are bigger stepping stones ahead. Whatever journey lies in front of me, I pray that God leads me forward, and to share those journeys with you.
2020 is almost here. And I can’t wait.