I had the opportunity to return to Fred Symnes Chapel at Camp Greenville. The good news is that it was every bit as beautiful as I remember, including a beautiful sunrise. The bad news is that everyone one else had the same idea.
I pulled out my gear without looking in the chapel, ready to get “my shot” and leave. I quickly realized that my shot was going to have a crowd now matter what. I was a little frustrated at first, disappointed that the panorama I envisioned wasn’t going to happen, until I noticed that everyone was silent.
Nobody said a word.
I whispered to a person nearby and inquired as to whether there was a special service happening. The man sitting happily with his lady shook his head no and simply said, “We are just enjoying the sunrise.”
It was at that moment that I got a good look at how selfish I was in that moment. A crowd of people, without any introductions or conversations, knew enough of the moment at hand to simple enjoy the moment as it was happening. I took a shot or two, but slowed way down, half because I was trying to enjoy the scene, but also because I knew that I wasn’t going to shoot anything for a bit.
As I waited I started to think about how much I run through life without understanding the moment that I was in. Sometimes the moment calls for you read the room. Sometimes it calls for you to acknowledge that what is happening at that moment is bigger than you. That it might be the best part of someone’s day. Maybe even their week. Or even their first time seeing the sun come up over such a spiritual place.
If you’re like me, there have been plenty of times where I was at church, or at work, or even in my own home where I was so focused on my wants and needs that I didn’t take even a second to consider the needs of others. It can happen in the blink of an eye. One comment. One action. One moment. I didn’t read the room.
But when I realized that this was a moment that I was sharing with others, my mentality changed. I wanted people to be happy. To experience the wonder the of nature. To share this moment with someone they loved.
Not sure how many moments you are going to experience today, but take a moment to read the room. Understand the moments that you are having. Ask yourself, “ is this moment all about me or am I sharing it with someone?” “ what can I do to improve someone else’s moment?”
It may be as simple as watching a sunrise….. without saying a word.