Faith Journey 15: Your Last Day

What if today was your last day? How would you live it?

Stop me if you have ever experienced this in the morning. You lie in bed, staring at the ceiling, looking for the right excuse for the day to let it slip away slowly, so you won’t feel like you decided from the beginning to waste it.

A minute becomes an hour, and then hours gradually add up. Most of the day is gone, and you feel like you haven’t done a single thing worthwhile.

Now I’m not knocking the idea of sleeping late some mornings or taking a little extra time not to rush to work or church. Resting is important part of life that many of us take for granted. Instead I’m speaking to myself and those like me who sometimes fight a constant war within ourselves to remember that every single day that we breath, eat, walk, dream, and experience is a gift from God, and when we think about it in those terms, it might give us a different perspective on how we spend our day.

One of my friends shared with me some of the things on their “bucket list” and I realized that I have never made one. While there are some beautiful things that I have seen on this earth and many more that I have not seen, I know that my single biggest regret in life will never be where I didn’t get to go or what I didn’t get to see. It will be that I didn’t truly appreciate how much God has blessed me to see another day and to show it by living that day as if I wasn’t promised another.

Bucket lists are awesome things to have if it motivates you to live. To embrace. To cherish. And to thrive.

Call it what you want, but do yourself a favor.

Make the choice to get motivated to live life today. Live it with the mindset that another day isn’t guaranteed to you.

Because the truth is, it isn’t.