This morning I hoped on Facebook and saw they had posted the “memories from 2 years ago” on my timeline, featuring a family that I had photographed at the Linn Cove Viaduct. I remember that it was my first time going there, such a beautiful day. I found the spot where everyone goes to get that sort of picture and met this happy and wonderful family, even with a happy dog, having a wonderful time. I didn’t have any business cards with me at the time, but I wanted to capture the moment for them because it seemed like something one would want to cherish. I took the picture, and gave them my phone number to contact me. They smiled, said goodbye, and left.

I looked at the memories tab on Facebook to see all the other memories that were there and it surprised me. One of the first times that I shot a music video at AB Tech. A trip to Walker Falls during fall. Many friends that I found on Facebook that day. So many memories.

I know that most of the memories on Facebook are the happy ones and not the ones we would want to forget. The loved ones we miss. The friendships that are know longer there. The relationships that have changed for the worst. Mostly the things highlighted are the ones that were the most popular. Or at least popular to us.

But you know what? Sometimes thats a good thing. We should never forget the road that led us to where we are today. Even if you started your journey in a Mercedes and now you are rolling in a scooter, life is a never ending learning experience that continues until the end of our time on this earth. The road may get bumpy, the weather may get rough, but there are lessons to be learned along the way that could make the rest of your journey more fulfilling.

Its when we look back at the memories that we truly appreciate how far we’ve come.  How much God has guided us. How much the trials and struggles we have don’t last always. There may be sunshine ahead of the clear road that we are headed to, we just can’t see it around the corner.

I’m still looking for the family in this photo, but even if I don’t find them, I thank God for the opportunity to meet them, and to remind myself that some memories are worth holding on to. Beautiful days could be ahead. Right around the corner.

Don’t give up. Stay on the road. Ride your scooter with a smile. Cherish your memories.

And remember, God is right there to guide you. If you let Him.