Faith Journey 14: Find Your Rest

The number one topic on most people’s mind in this busy world we live in is finding time to do things. Finding time to sleep. Finding time to clean. Finding time to enjoy life. We look all over the place to find time and the silly fact is….we never lost it.

If you are one of the ones that has misplaced your time you can put your flashlight down because you can’t lose time. You can only choose to give it to someone or something worthwhile, or you can choose to expend it wastefully with no regard for its value.

One thing that can be difficult in my opinion to find is rest. Mental rest. Physical rest. Spiritual rest. Just typing and reading those words seems impossible for some of us. We will come up with so many excuses that will eventually lead us to personal and professional ruin. Money will always be made. Promotions come and promotions go. But if you lose yourself in the process, how much is it really worth?

This image was taken at Ridge Junction Overlook on the parkway, years before I knew the photographic journey that I would eventually embark on. If you have never seen the sun come up over the mountains, it is a surreal experience that you have to see to truly appreciate. When I saw the sun come up in this image I couldn’t describe the feeling. The closest I could come was….exhilaration.

Even though I woke up at 4 am to drive to the spot, I wasn’t tired.

I was alive.

I understood.

I got it.

I found my rest.

Tomorrow I will rest on the Sabbath from all of the busyness, from all of the hustle, from all of the things that the world tells us that we don’t have time to put down. I challenge you today to find your rest. Don’t just sleep. Rest. Don’t just slow down. Rest. Don’t look for more time. Be wiser with the time you have.

Don’t look for ways to spend your time. Look for ways to invest it in your future. #apennysaved