Faith Journey 13: Be in the Moment

Yesterday at a networking session with my group one of our mentors, Jerald Wright, implored us to be in the moment. To soak up the atmosphere. Smell the roses. Whatever you are doing, don’t forget to take time to be where you are at .

Last weekend I was able to visit my friends Adam and Allison Houck and their family. We tried to get together times before, but this year my schedule is a little more open.

We went to Mammoth Cave in Bowling Green, Kentucky, the largest cave system in the world. We had pizza, shared stories, and enjoyed each others company. The TV wasn’t on, the cell phones weren’t out, (well, Ben’s was , and we actually had many wonderful conversations.

But the most incredible moment happen that evening. I looked around outside at the beautiful land that they had, with the clouds rolling in like pillows across the sky. My son Ben was talking to their daughter Samantha, Christina was talking to Adam, Allison was getting a fire started for our smores (#yay), and yes, I was taking pictures. I stopped and just soaked it all in.

It was quite possibly the most relaxed I have ever been in my life. I thank God right then and there for an amazing Sabbath afternoon with my family, Yes, I meant them too.

God has put some amazing people in my life and I know it. If you are reading this, you are one of them. I thank God for you. I pray for you. I implore you. Be in the moment today. Stop and pause for more than a minute. Breath the fresh air. Thank God for it.