This is one of the hardest questions that someone can ask someone else. It shows complete vulnerability. Total surrender. It opens one up to any task or direction without limitations.

In studying interpersonal communication one step in resolving disagreements involves ask another person this polarizing question. Think for a moment. When is the last time that you asked someone “what do you want me to do?” Did you ask it in earnest? In sarcasm? In anger? Did you mean it or did it just come out because you truly were at a loss on what to do?

For those we value a relationship with, asking this question might stop someone in their tracks. Force them to focus on the solution instead of the problem. When asked sincerely it can show someone just how much you really care. How far you are willing to go.

Some of you are already thinking “that will never be me. I can’t open my self up for that. It’s too dangerous.”

You are right.

It is dangerous.

It’s dangerous not to try to resolve disagreements and let them fester. Watch them spiral out of control. Witness a small disagreement turn into full blown conflict simply because we refuse to put ourselves out there to the ones we care about. Could it backfire? Sure. But it just might be the question that leads to the solution.

When blind Bartimaeus finally got to Jesus the Master asked him “What Do You Want Me To Do?” Jesus knew what he wanted and needed, but Bartimaeus needed to ask the question so that HE KNEW what he needed.

Sometimes we are thrown off guard when we have to tell someone what we need because we really don’t know. We feel a lot of things, but until we stop and think about what we need, we will blame it on smaller and less important things

Challenge yourself in the next disagreement that you have with someone you love or care about. Ask them this question. “What Do You Want Me To Do?” How can I help you?”

It’s might sound crazy, but it just might work.